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Narayan Bali Pooja



A Divine Intervention. Perform the sacred Narayan Bali Poojan in Gaya to liberate and honor ancestral spirits

The Sacred Ritual for Liberating Souls

A profound ritual to appease the souls of ancestors, ensuring their peace and pathway to salvation

Essence of Narayan Bali Poojan

Gather with devotion the offerings for Narayan Bali Poojan, embarking on a journey of ancestral liberation

Preparing for the Poojan

Find a pandit skilled in Narayan Bali Poojan to lead the rituals with precision and sanctity

Engaging a Knowledgeable Pandit

Perform the sacred rites by the Phalgu River, offering prayers and rituals for ancestral spirits' liberation

Conducting Narayan Bali Poojan

With heartfelt prayers, seek the divine intervention for ancestors, ensuring their peace and liberation

Offering Prayers and Invocations

Release the offerings into the sacred waters, symbolizing the soul's journey towards divine peace and liberation

The Immersion of Offerings

In the divine serenity of Gaya, reflect on the eternal bonds and the sanctity of life and afterlife

Reflecting on the Ritual's Significance

With the poojan concluded, embrace the tranquility and blessings, enriching your family's spiritual legacy

Embracing Peace and Spiritual Harmony

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