Cultural Crossover: An American’s Pind Daan Ritual in Varanasi

Devotees performing tarpan in gaya Pitrupaksha 2022 pind daan

Uncover a tradition hidden in the corners of the ancient city of Prayagraj. As a foreigner, you too can immerse yourself in the deeply spiritual practice of Pind Daan in India. Dive into this life-changing journey with the experienced Prayag Pandits. Experience an Unforgettable Spiritual Journey Unlock the Wisdom of Centuries: Engage with the rich […]

Understanding Pind Daan: An NRI’s Guide

devotee performing pind daan in kurukshetra image

Introduction The age-old rituals and traditions of India are steeped in profound significance, reflecting a culture that reveres life and death equally. Among these myriad rituals, ‘Pind Daan’ stands out for its spiritual significance, and in this guide, we unravel its complexities and importance for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). The term Pind Daan might sound unfamiliar […]

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