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What is Pind daan?

Pind Daan is a Hindu ceremony in which Hindus pay homage to their ancestors by performing Hindu dharma rituals. Anyone can perform religious rituals on your behalf, according to the Garuda Purana and numerous religious books. It would be deemed a success, and you would receive full credit as if you had carried out the tasks yourself. ‘Pind Daan’ prepares the deceased’s soul for its final exit from this world.

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Apart from Pind daan, Gaya is also famous for performing Tarpan, Shradh & Narayanbali pooja. Click below to know more-

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Not only will practising pind daan at Gaya ensure a happy afterlife, but it is also claimed that individuals who conduct Pind Daan from Gaya enjoy excellent health and prosperity, according to Hindu mythology. For PindDaan, there’s no better location to visit than Gaya, the city where it all began. Lord Rama visited Gaya 12 lakhs years ago to do pind daan for his deceased fathers Dasaratha. Gayapuri is the name given to the location in the Mahabharata.According to the Vayu Purana, Gaya was the name of a demon (Asura) whose body became righteous after he conducted strict penance and received blessings from Vishnu.Gaya Kshetra, it was believed, will continue to be the name of the Gayasura’s corpse. 

The Pind Daan performed in Gaya is also said to be a personal manner of making sacrifices on Lord Vishnu’s footprints, guaranteeing that all of our ancestors’ departed souls rest in peace forever.

Pind daan in gaya can be performed by a widow, son or daughter of person whose shradh is performed in gaya. Children (sons) and other male relatives, such as brothers, fathers, and grandchildren, are frequently called upon to conduct the Pind Daan. When there are no male relatives who are ready or able to carry out Pind Daan, female relatives such as daughters and mothers can carry it out.

Pind daan can be done almost anywhere in Gaya. Here we have presented a list of all the Vedis where you can perform Pind daan. You can perform Pind daan at any one of these vedis or on multiple vedis as per your choice or as mentioned by the Pandit ji.

The last rite is done by the successor in order to provide salvation to the departed soul. The soul dwells around unsatisfied and unhappy trying to achieve those feelings which are not possible for his form. Hence, Pind Daan will show enlightenment to the soul and lead him towards Moksha.

Yes,you can perform the Pind daan of your father, if your mother is still alive.

Yes, Pind daan is a ritual to provide an offering to our dead ones. It can be performed in the disguise of grandparents and father’s grandparents.

Pind daan can be done anytime while the whole year, but pitrupaksha a 18 day period before Navaratri is considered as holy time to conduct the ritual.

Pind daan is a holy ritual which is conducted after the cremation of an individual, it is an offering to our grands, so they can acquire sadgati (next stage of life after death). 

Pind daan is conducted by the purohits/pandas over the banks of river in Gaya, Prayag & Varanasi. They conduct Ganga poojan, pinda poojan, tarpanam, sankalpam. 

When there are no male relatives who are ready or able to carry out Pind Daan, female relatives such as daughters and mothers can carry it out.

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