How to conduct Gau-Daan (Poojan of feeding a cow) and why is it important

Gau Daan :- Cow Feeding | Maha-Daan | A ritual must to perform in Hindutva

Gau Daan | Cow Feeding | Maha-Daan:- A ritual must to perform. It is a ritual performed by the hindus once in their life-span. It is the most important daan considered among the Hindutva and everyone should have to conduct the ritual in any of the Teerth sthals in India i.e Prayag,  Kaashi or Gaya.

Prayag Pandits provides the Gau daan poojan service in both online & offline modes in Prayag, Kaashi & Gaya. For the people who are not able to come and wishes to conduct the poojan can opt our online mode of poojan through video conferencing apps.

Shradh Poojan/ Pind Daan | Ancestors Rituals

Pind Daan & Shradh pooja is a religious ritual performed over the bank of holy rivers in Teerth sthals. The poojan is conducted in the disguise & rememberance of the dead ancestors in order to provide them Moksh (next stage of life). 

Many NRI’s from abroad came to India over the Teerth sthals to conduct the poojan so that the departed souls obtain sadgati and they get the salvation. 

Prayag Pandits is a one step solution to conduct the Karmkand in the teerth sthals and to provide you the correct information of how to conduct the poojan here. We also guide you while the  full tour and the package. Get the best, knowledgable, multi-lingual and experienced Teerth purohits to conduct the rituals. 


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  • Gau Daan
  • Brahamin Bhoj
  • Sankalpa
  • Veni Daan

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Our Executives will always be in touch in with you while the whole poojan ceremony in order to serve you the best and you don’t feel any type of difficulty in the poojan.

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