Prayag Pandits perform the rituals on your behalf

Prayag Pandits is a trusted group performing the Karmkand and has gained the best pilgrim reviews from the last few years. We have sorted and collaborated with the best Tirth purohits in the Tirth sthals of India and provides you the poojan service in Prayagraj, Varanasi, Haridwar & Gaya.

As the country is going through the pandemic and which results in the travel restrictions in India. We at Prayag Pandits, provides you an Asthi Kalash Courier poojan service in Prayagraj, Varanasi & Haridwar where you get the Asthi Kalash immersion over the holy Ganges to provide the salvation of the departed soul. 

Know the Online Asthi Immersion Procedure

For the Online Asthi Visarjan, here are the following steps:-

  1. Pack the Asthi Kalash over a tight box, so that it may not break in the logistics.
  2. Prefer the best courier service in your town and send it to our address in Prayagraj.
  3. As the courier reach Prayagraj, Prayag Pandits informs you about the courier confirmation.
  4. We make the Asthi Kalash immersion over the Triveni Sangam in Prayag after the complete poojan.
  5. The video-graphy of the whole poojan and unboxing of courier box is being sent to you electronically.


Online Asthivisarjan in Kaashi

Know the poojan performed by Prayag Pandits

  1. Ganga Poojan
  2. Asthi Poojan
  3. Mahaprachit Sankalpa
  4. Vedi Poojan
  5. Asthi Immersion

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