Pitrapaksha 2021 Pind Daan poojan

20 Sept 2021- 6Oct 2021 (Pitrapaksha Triveni Sangam)

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Prayagraj also known as Allahabad is called as the King of Teerthasthal i,e PrayagRaj. Here, the confluence of three rivers i.e the Ganga, the Yamuna & the Saraswati combines to form Sangam. Asthi visarjan & pind daan are the sacred rituals being performed over the bank of Sangam. Tarpan, Pind Daan, Ganga Pooja, Shraadh pooja, Mahapraschhit Sankalpa & other ancestors holy rituals is being performed in the month of pitars. Pitrapaksha (a month of 15 days in Hindu calendar) is considered as the period of time when  our dearly departed ancestors came to earth from heaven & wishes you to perform Pind Daan (an offering towards your ancestors). 

Our ancestors is before God (प्रभु से पहले पितृ). It is our duty to conduct the Pind Daan, Shradh Pooja, Daan dharma in the month of Pitra. It is believed that they appears on the Bhu-lok (the earth) from heaven in the month of pitars to receive the pind & the offerings by their families.

Prayag Pandits helps you in conducting the rituals of Pind Daan in Gaya by providing you an online mode of performing the Pooja. We know that due to Covid-19 restrictions many are not able to come Gaya. Now you can perform Online Pind Daan Pooja by our Tirth Purohits in Gaya. If you are planning to visit Prayagraj for poojan. Contact us to know more!

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