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Solar Eclipse - Surya Grahan

Grah Shanti Pooja

Deity Worshipped:

9 Planets and various Deities

Benefits of Performing:

- Brings prosperity

- Brings Harmony

- Inner peace and spiritual growth

Table of Contents

Graha Shanti Puja is conducted to remove the bad planets’ negative effects or dosh. This puja also improves the flow of positive energy in the individual and their family. Graha Shanti also brings peace and prosperity to the people who live in the house.

Panditji performs this puja by performing Gauri, Ganesh, Kalash, and Navagraha Jaaps. The havan is then conducted to bring about positive changes in one’s life.


When Should Graha Shanti Puja Be Performed?


Choose an auspicious Muhurat for the Graha Shanti puja based on Rashi, Name, and Nakshatra.

Graha Shanti Puja provides protection from negative energy and evil eyes while also increasing the flow of positive energy in the home.

Brings prosperity, harmony, and good fortune to the family.

With heavenly feelings and a divine aura, purifies and spiritualizes the surrounding and surroundings of the home.

This puja aids in overcoming and removing any barriers and stumbling blocks that may arise in one’s life.

The Vastu Purush and the nine planets are venerated during Graha Shanti puja to prevent unexpected and unfortunate events from occurring to the home and its occupants.


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