Pretshila Hill, Gaya, Bihar

The mystical hill of gaya

Front image of a temple ij Pretshila, Gaya, Bihar
A temple near the foots of the Pretshila Hill, Gaya, Bihar

The term ‘The Land of Moksha’ is often used to describe Gaya Dham in Bihar. This ‘Pretshila’ rock in Gayadham is supposed to have appeared out of nowhere. In Shradh Paksha, people Pind Daan on this rock, believing that it is somehow connected to Pretalok, where souls live.

Garuna Purana emphasises the importance of Pretshila in Hindu mythology

Image of pind daan done at pretshila, gaya, bihar
Pind daan done on the footprints of Lord Vishnu at the Pretshila hills, Gaya, Bihar

It is written in the Garun Purana that the ancestors visit Gayadham to take Pind Daan from crevices that are present in Pretshila, following which they return to the spirit world. Many people believe that spirits pass through the rocks in the ground as they move from one planet to the next. These souls create a specific type of sound, shadow or other sense of their being after sunset. These stuff are founded here on faith and science. They cannot either be refuted or be considered true.

Lord Ram performed the shardh of his father, Kind Dashrath here

View of people doing pind daan near Bramhakund at Pretshila in Gaya Bihar
Pilgrims doing pind daan near the banks of Bramhakund at Pretshila Hills, Gaya, Bihar

The name’s meaning is the hill of spirits, it is sacred to Yama the hellish Hindu God, and it forms one of the sacred pilgrimage sites. A little Yama temple is on the summit of the hill (The God of death). There are three cellars at the foot of the hill called Sati, Nigra and Sukha and on the summit of Yama’s temple a fourth tank called Ramkund is claimed to bath Ram himself. This mountain is also known by the names Shri Ram, Laxman, and Sita. Shri Ram is said to have performed the Shradh of his father, King Dasharatha, here. For several days, two lines carved from Brahma’s thumb on the mountain could also be seen.

Mountain can be climbed via stairs

Image of a very old aged man using teh palki to come down from the Pretshila Hill, Gaya, Bihar
A very old pilgrim riding a palki at the Pretshila Hills, Gaya, Bihar

There are stairs to climb the mountain. Also, those who are unable to climb, they go upstairs with the help of a dockman or a palanquin. Here Surya, Vishnu, Mahishasura Mardini, Durga, Shiva-Parvati and other Brahmin sects are considered to be the center of the Upasangkhas.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

How can i reach Pretshila?

Prestshila can be reached easily via private car, rented cabs and locally available electric auto rickshaws

How far is pretshila from Gaya?

From Gaya, Pretshila is situated at a distance of 8kms

Is there a ropeway to climb the mountain?

No, there is not a ropeway. People can climb the mountain via the stairs or using the available palkis

How can elderly and old people climb the mountain?

There are palkis available at the foot of pretshila for a nominal charge. Elderly can sit on the palki and then can climb up the hill easily.

Are there any parking facilities?

Yes, there is a large car parking space available.

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