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Online Narayan Bali Poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad


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Narayan Bali Poojan is a ritual described in Garuda Purana which is performed in all cases of unnatural death of a family member. Death can be by one of the following reasons :

  • Starvation
  • Animals
  • Accident
  • Arson
  • Curse
  • Epidemics such as Corona virus or other diseases causing untimely death
  • Suicide,
  • Fall from a mountain, tree or any height,
  • Drowning,
  • Murder
  • Snake bite,
  • Lightning

It is also performed for the dead persons who were great sinners. The families performing these rituals usually do in the hope of them getting rid of family misfortune, infertility or for the desire to have a male child.

Here are the following things included in the poojan package:-

  • 3 day Online Narayan Bali Poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad.
  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Material
  • Pratinidhi Charges
  • Dakshina for brahmin
  • Gau daan
  • Brahmin Bhoj


  • Any extra offerings to the priest.

Note: Online Narayan Bali Poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad will be performed via video conferencing app.

Performed for Shree Vishnu ji, Online Narayan Bali Poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad is centred on liberating and enlightening the Atma, or soul, in order to reach Mukti-Moksha, or liberation from reincarnation, as well as to fulfil both the gratified and unsatisfied aspirations of ancestors, known as Pitru. For those who have died unnaturally, Online Narayana Bali Poojan or Moksha Naryanabali pooja is a way of performing a specific Bali sacrifice in order to provide peace to their Atma – soul. If funeral rituals such as Shradh Karmas of some people are not performed due to some reason, then also Narayan Bali Poojan is performed. People who feel that any of their relations or relatives are missing out on regular yearly events could do Narayana Bali.

Image of Samagri for Online Narayan Bali Poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad


Online Narayan bali poojan in Prayagraj Allahabad is a 3 day poojan consisting of multiple brahmins and 5 Gau daan. The poojan has great importance in Garuda Purana in hindu mythology. It is considered for the people who suffered uncertain deaths will acquire moksha and in the hope of getting rid from any curse occurred therefore.

Watch Narayanbali Poojan video below:-

Narayan Bali Pooja- Shradh- Pind daan Poojan


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Q1. What is Narayan Bali Poojan?

Narayan Bali is a Poojan conducted to purify the individual’s ancestral dosha, also known as Pitru dosha. It is undertaken in preparation for the uncertain death of loved ones in order to get moksha and to free the family from curse.

Q2. Who can Perform Narayan Bali Poojan?

Anyone can perform narayan bali pooja whose family member has undergone uncertain death. Male and Females both can perform the ritual.

Q3. Why Narayan Bali Pooja is performed?

This poojan is performed if-

  • Immediate family members die unexpectedly or are injured in an accident.
  • Srardha/Tarpana/Pitru(ancestral) Rituals Are Not Regularly Performed.
  • Involved in a variety of issues ranging from marriage to childbirth to finances to courtroom battles.
  • If you have Pitru dosha in your birth chart, you may be prone to encountering paranormal, negative, or evil events.

Q4. Can I perform Online Narayan Bali Poojan?

Yes, you can perform this Poojan online. Online Narayan Bali poojan has the same benefits as performing the poojan physically. The only requirement is your strong devotion during the poojan.

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