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Pind Daan in Brahmakapal Badrinath


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Pind Daan in Brahmakapal Badrinath is performed for bringing happiness and relive the performer and his family from any problems or pains that may arrive. In this poojan, the god, souls of sages and the spirits of ancestors are remembered and are offered with water with the help of dried grass twigs. Tarpan in Gaya is also performed if family suffers from Pitru dosh.

This poojan is performed by our expert purohits and pandits in Badrinath ji, at Brahmakapal.

Poojan inclusions:

  • Poojan samagri
  • Pandit ji dakshina
  • Pind dana Poojan in Brahmakapal Badrinath
  • Guide Support

This Poojan does not include:

  • Any extra offerrings to the priest.
  • Pick and drop charges from station/airport.

Pind Daan in Brahmakapal Badrinath

It is claimed that Lord Brahma resides in Brahma Kapal and that when their family members do the Shradh karma here, the departed souls are freed from the cycle of birth and death.

According to the Skanda Purana, doing the Shraddha ceremony at Badrinath kshetra is eight times better than performing it at Gaya kshetra. At Badrinath’s Brahma Kapal ghat, devotees conduct Shraddha for their ancestors.

Story of Brahmakapal at Badrinath | Pind daan at Brahmkapal Badrinath

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Pind Daan in Brahmakapal Badrinath
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