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Veni Daan Poojan in Prayagraj triveni sangam. During a Hindu marriage, the couple promise to spend seven lifetimes together. This promise is further gets strengthened by Veni Daan. All the rituals performed during the marriage are carried out once again during Veni Daan.

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Note:- The poojan is done on the banks of Triveni Sangam in Prayagraj.

Veni Daan poojan in prayagraj, a special poojan being done for married couples at Triveni Sangam. The rituals are conducted specially by people of Maharashtra & other places in South India. According to the Tirth purohits, “Veni Daan is performed only at Triveni Sangam. Like three rivers confluence here, a woman’s braid has a pattern formed by three strands of braids of hair, a little portion of one of the braid is offered into the holy waters of the Sangam to get rid of the sins of seven lifetimes, to have wish for a long life of the husband, good luck for the family, wishing to get the same husband for all seven lifetimes.”

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Video of Pilgrims performing Veni Daan Poojan in Prayagraj Triveni Sangam:-

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Veni daan poojan in prayagraj is being conducted by Teerth purohits at Triveni Sangam, where a lady has to sit on her husband lap & her husband combs & decorates wife’s hair & cut a small portion of hair & offer into the Sangam water & then they together take a dip over Triveni Sangam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Veni Daan?

In Prayagraj, Hindu married couples, primarily from Maharashtra & South India but sometimes from elsewhere, undertake the rite known as Veni Daan. Male and female partners participate in a special rite at Sangam where they dress up in their best clothes, perform Veni Madahav Pooja together, sit on their husband’s lap once during the offerings, and then take a dip together in the holy waters of the Sangam. Tusband braids and combs their wife’s hair and decorates it with flowers. Women then cut a small portion of the third braid to offer to Veni Madhav ji on the banks of sangam area.

Q2. Why South Indian women perform Veni Daan?

South Indian women believe that by donating Veni to the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers, they are appeased. Lord Venimad claims that ladies who give Veni (braid) in these rivers would have good fortune and long life, according to the legend. Additionally, the well-being of the family and the property will be ensured. It is also believed that by giving Veni, one will be reunited with one’s husband in paradise. This is the main reason for performing veni daan poojan in prayagraj.

Q3. What is the significance of Veni Daan?

All three worldly gods Yaksha, Nag, Kinnar, and Gandharva visited this temple, according to the Prayag Mahatmya, along with their wives, who were all detailed. They all brought Veni to give to the Brahmins while they were here. Savitri, the first, is said to have given Brahma a portion of her three fingers in the form of Veni.


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