Veni Daan Poojan

Veni Daan Poojan at Triveni Sangam. During a Hindu marriage, the couple promise to spend seven lifetimes together. This promise is further gets strengthened by Veni Daan. All the rituals performed during the marriage are carried out once again during Veni Daan.



Veni Daan, a special poojan being done for a married couple at Triveni Sangam in Tirthraj Prayag. The rituals is being conducted specially from people of Maharashtra & other places in South India. According to the Tirth purohits “Veni  Daan is performed only at Triveni Sangam. Like three rivers confluence here, a woman’s braid has a pattern formed by three strands of hair, one of the strands is offered into the holy waters of the Sangam to get rid of the sins of seven lifetimes, to have wish for a long life of the husband, good luck for the family, wishing to get the same husband for all seven lifetimes.”


sangam veni daan

The poojan being conducted by Teerth purohits at Sangam, where a lady has to sit on her husband lap & her husband comb & plaits wife’s hair & cut a small portion of hair & offer into the Sangam water & together takes a dip over Triveni Sangam.



  • Poojan Material
  • Priest Dakshina
  • Boat ride to Sangam

Note:- The poojan is done at the bank of Triveni Sangam in Prayag.


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