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In the Garuna Purana, the birth and death of humans are described in great detail. Death or Akaal Mrityu, according to the Garuna Purana, is Kaal, or time. When the time comes to die, the soul and body are separated from the soul. Every human being is born and dies at the same moment. Only once it has been accomplished can one be saved. And then he takes on a new body. But what happens to a person’s soul if they die too soon? And what exactly is meant by “premature death”?

So, please provide us with some vital details regarding this. According to Garuna Purana, human existence is divided into seven cycles. If a person does not finish this cycle, he or she will die prematurely. Even after death, he must endure a variety of hardships. So, first and foremost, it is vital to understand what premature death is. That is, what form of death is classified as premature death in the Garun Purana.


What Exactly is Premature Death or Akaal Mrityu?


If a creature dies of hunger or is slain by a violent monster, it is said in the overview chapter of the Garuna Purana. Those who have died by hanging a noose over their neck, or those who have perished as a result of poison, fire, or other means. Who has drowned in water, been bitten by a snake, or perished as a result of an accident or disease? Such a creature is doomed to die young. In addition, the Garuna Purana describes suicide as the most abhorrent and revolting kind of premature death.

Death or Akaal Mrityu, according to the Garuna Purana, is Kaal, or time. When the time comes to die, the soul and body are separated from the soul.
Akaal Mrityu – When the time comes one has to leave the soul.


Not only that, but Lord Vishnu has called suicide a sin against God. In addition, according to the Garun Purana, a human or animal who dies naturally receives a new body in 3, 10, 13, or 40 days. However, the soul of a creature that commits a horrific deed such as suicide wanders the world until it completes its life cycle as dictated by nature. Such a soul is not eligible for either paradise or damnation. Agati is the name given to this state of the soul.


As a result, according to Garuna Purana, a soul that commits suicide enters the most agonising stage of premature death. And the soul who has died prematurely travels in the darkness in search of the fulfilment of all his needs, such as hunger, thirst, sex, pleasure, attachment, rage, blame, lust, and so on, until the Supreme Soul determines his existence. The cycle isn’t finished.


Why a person dies prematurely?


Now the question arises that why does any creature die prematurely. This has also been described in the Garuna Purana, according to which when the death decided by the creator comes to the creature, then soon the death takes it and leaves the world. From ancient times it is said in the Vedas that man lives for 100 years. But the person who commits blasphemous deeds. He soon becomes corrupt. The person who does not follow the tradition and virtue due to lack of knowledge of the Vedas, and who renounces the work due to laziness. And one who always respects sacrifice. And whoever takes food in any house. And the one who remains attached to the woman.


Due to other Mahadoshas of this type, the life of a person becomes shorter. The death of a brahmin who is faithless, impure, atheist, who renounces Mars, a traitor, an untruthful brahmin takes him to Yama Lok in a famine. The one who does not protect the subjects is inferior to righteous conduct, cruel, addicted, foolish, detached from the discipline of Vedas and the Prajna Peenak Kshatriya gets the rule of Yama.

Such guilty Brahmins and Kshatriyas are subject to death. And Yama receives torture. One who renounces his own actions and all the main practices, and remains engaged in the actions of others, is sure to die prematurely. And the Shudra who performs other actions without the dvija service also goes to Yamaloka before the appointed time.


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