Asthi Visarjan Poojan in Prayagraj over Triveni Sangam for NRI's

Prayag Pandits is specialised in providing special Asthi Visarjan Pujan in Prayagraj, Varanasi, Garh-Mukteshwar & Haridwar for NRI’s. People residing out of India aims to conduct the rituals over the Teerth sthals in India & here comes Prayag Pandits with the special feature of knowledgeable Teerth purohits for special pujan in Teerth sthals, dedicated team to maintain your tour plan.

Asthi Visarjan over Ganges is a religious ritual must to perform with certain mantras over the ghats of Teerth sthals. It is believed that Ganga is the only river to provide moksha to the departed soul in Hinduism. We are hindu & we believe in our rituals & the importance of its existence in Hindu culture. 

People living outside the India (NRI’s) must have to follow their hindu culture & should have to conduct the ancestors rituals. 


Brahamin Bhojan can also be conducted on special demand. Many NRI’s wishes to conduct special Brahamin Bhojnam in Teerth sthals & Prayag Pandits is a one step solution to conduct the ritual. 

For any special type of donation in terms of (clothes, grains, cow, jewels, etc) to the brahamins, feel free to contact us! Prayag Pandits would connects with you shorlty.

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A lady donating food material to a priest

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