Brahma Kapal, Badrinath

Badrinath, in the Indian state of Uttarkhand, is considered one of India’s holiest sites. Badrinath, considered to be Lord Vishnu’s holy residence, is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage places, with devotees encouraged to attend at least once in their lives. 

Lord Vishnu is also known as Lord Badrinath. There are a number of holy rivers in India, according to Hindu sacred books and tradition, making their sites holy shrines. The Alakananda River in Badrinath is one such river.

The famed Brahma Kapal Ghat, a platform and flight of steps going to the water, is located on the banks of the Alakananda River. Hindu devotees bathe or take a dip in the river because Hindu theology holds that doing so purifies one of one’s worldly sins. 


Tarpan in BrahmaKapal, Badrinath is performed for bringing happiness and relieving the performer and his family from any problems or pains that may arrive.

The term ‘trup’ refers to a person’s ability to please others. The basic word ‘Trup’ was used to create the term ‘Tarpan.’ Tarpan is the act of offering water to God, the Sages, the souls of ancestors, and human people and gratifying them with it.
The goal of tarpan is for God, departed ancestors’ spirits, and other entities whose names are uttered throughout the ritual to give pleasure on us.

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Tarpan in Brahma Kapal

Performed for unknown pitars, to bring Moksha to them. Includes Guide Support & Tripindi Shradh Poojan at Phalgu river.

Pind Daan in Brahma Kapal (Platinum)

This Special Package includes Hotel Stay, Guide Support & Pind daan at the spiritual spots.

Pind Daan in Brahma Kapal

Performed to bring peace and happiness to the family, includes 3 day poojan with multiple brahmins & Gau daan.

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