Deep Daan and its Brilliance

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Introduction to Deep Daan

Kartik is the last month of Chaturmas in Hinduism, and the scriptures place considerable emphasis on this month. Lamp donation, coupled with songs, worship, and charity, is regarded especially important throughout this month. In this month, followers are said to receive particular blessings from Lord Laxminarayan. Because it is thought that the universe would not exist without Maa Lakshmi, special ways of donating lamps have been told to please Goddess Lakshmi during the month of Kartik. Let us know more about this.

Deep daan preparation at prayagraj

Deep Daan in the Kartik month is seen to be particularly lucky. The Sun, the greatest planet in the sky, is thought to be in its weakened sign Libra during the month of Kartik. As a result, darkness begins to spread across the atmosphere. Lighting lamps, chanting, penance, charity, and bathing are all regarded as very important throughout this month. If you are unable to donate lamps every day in Kartik for any reason, at least do so on five important days. Let us know which days these five are.

Mahadev himself informs Kartikeya in Uttarakhand of the Padma Purana the value of deep daan during the five days of Deepawali, Kartik Krishna Paksha.

The five days of Krishna Paksha (from Rama Ekadashi to Deepawali) are very auspicious. Whatever is given to them is renewable and satisfies everyone’s desires.

According to the Agni Purana, whoever donates a lamp to a deity temple or a Brahmin’s home receives everything. According to the Padma Purana, Lakshmi Ji is pleased when lamps are donated to temples and riverbanks. A person is rescued from going to hell by donating a lamp to an inaccessible location or piece of land.

According to the Padma Purana, anyone who lights a lamp at a temple, on the riverbank, or on the road receives an all-encompassing Lakshmi. Every day in Kartik, light two lamps. One should be burned in front of Shri Hari Narayan, while the other should be burned in front of Shivling.

It is said that anyone who donates a lamp in front of Lord Keshav in Kartika has completed all of the Yagya ceremonies and has the same result as diving in all pilgrimages. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, whoever gives Sri Hari a ghee lamp in Kartik will have bliss in Haridham for as long as the lamp burns.

On the night of Kartik month, someone who dedicates a lamp garland to Lord Shiva with reverence is honoured in heaven for the same thousand yugas as the lamp that is donated to him burns in front of the Shivling. In the month of Kartika, everyone who dedicates a ghee lamp to Lord Shiva enters Brahmaloka.

Consider lights made of clay, copper, silver, brass, or gold. They should be completely cleaned. Soak the kerosene lamp for a few hours in water and then dry it. Then, at Pradosh Kaal or after sunset, when a suitable time is available, go to the temple with a lamp, oil, cow ghee, lamp, rice, or wheat. In a ghee lamp, use a cotton wick, while in an oil lamp, use red thread or kalava wick. Give him a seat of rice, wheat, or saptadhanya before placing the lamp.

Even after forgetting, do not place the lamp directly on the earth because Kalika Purana claims that the earth, which bears everything, is not subjected to an unprovoked attack and that the heat of the lamp cannot be sustained. Keep one oil lamp in front of Shivling and the other cow’s ghee lamp in front of Shri Hari Narayan after that. Then, while saying the Deepak Mantra, light both lamps. The lamp should be honoured.


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