4 Types of Kundali

A person’s ‘kundli,’ according to Vedic Astrology, is the blueprint of his or her life. It would reveal important milestones in one’s life as well as the time frame in which they will occur.¬†   It also supports the idea that everything in life has a purpose and that everything in the cosmos follows the […]

Asthi Visarjan at the time of this horrible Covid-19

Asthi Visarjan in Prayagraj

Asthi Visarjan at the time of COVID-19 Asthi Visarjan is a last rite/ritual being performed by the Hindus, in order to provide salvation or moksha to the departed soul of their loved ones. The ashes of the dead ones are being immersed overthe¬† holy river Ganges in order to provide salvation & the Teerth purohits […]

Astounding Naimisharanya – Where 33 million Gods reside


Introduction to Naimisharanya   Apart from Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Naimisharanya is the only area where the pantheon of 33 crores Hindu Gods and Goddesses is supposed to live. For Hindus, Naimisharanya also has the title of being the first and most sacred of all Tirth Sthans. If you do penance here for 12 years, you will […]

Asthi Visarjan at Prayagraj | Soulful Place & Time for Asthi Visarjan

Pilgrim performing asthi visarjan in prayagraj

Why to do Asthi Visarjan at Prayag? The Ganga River, which flows through Prayag, is considered one of the holiest rivers in the world. Offering asthis in holy waters will aid the souls of the deceased in breaking free from the cycle of reincarnation and finding peace. Prayagraj’s Asthi Visarjan is a very important religious […]

Kashi | Varanasi | Banaras – 3 names – One Special Spiritual Hub of India

Varanasi Ghat

Introduction The ancient city of Varanasi, or Benaras, perched on the banks of the holy Ganges river, has been attracting pilgrims for centuries and is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements. When the famous novelist Mark Twain visited India in the late 1800s, he described the city as “ancient than history, tradition, and […]

Remarkable Vedic Astrology – All you need to know | 12 Vedic Signs


Vedic Astrology   History of Astrology   Vedic astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, is denoted by the Sanskrit word jyotia, which roughly translates as “light/heavenly body.” The modality appears to have originated in the Rigveda, an ancient Indian text (though some claim it has been around since 10,000 B.C. ), and it is believed […]

7 amazing facts about Kartik Purnima

Introduction to Kartik Purnima Kartik Purnima has religious and spiritual significance in Indian culture. The Diwali of the Gods is celebrated on Kartik Purnima. Many religious events, including bathing in the sacred river, worship, and ceremonies, take place on this day. Kartik is the best month for accumulating spiritual and physical vitality among the twelve […]

Relevance of Deep Daan at Ayodhya

Introduction to Deep Daan It is said that by doing Deep Daan at Ayodhya, a person does not have the fear of premature death. It is also considered auspicious to donate a lamp for the salvation of the dead. Deep Daan is also done to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Apart […]

Deep Daan and its Brilliance

Introduction to Deep Daan Kartik is the last month of Chaturmas in Hinduism, and the scriptures place considerable emphasis on this month. Lamp donation, coupled with songs, worship, and charity, is regarded especially important throughout this month. In this month, followers are said to receive particular blessings from Lord Laxminarayan. Because it is thought that […]