7 reason why, you shouldn’t miss Dev Deepawali this year at Varanasi!

Dev deepawali 2022
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Dev Deepawali is observed in Varanasi fifteen days after Diwali on Kartik Poornima, the full moon of the Hindu month of Kartik. Dev Deepawali does not exist in a vacuum. 

Dev Deepawali at Varanasi



It is observed on the final day of Ganga Mahotsav, which starts on Prabodhini Ekadashi (the eleventh day of the Kartik lunar month) and finishes on Dev Deepawali, which falls on November 7 this year. It’s noteworthy to notice that Varanasi’s Dev Deepawali falls on the same days as the Jain Light Festival and Guru Nanak Jayanti.


It’s going to be AMAZING this year!


We literally mean it!


The magnitude of it makes it impossible to take it all in at once. 2 weeks before the event, the preparations begin, for an event that just takes an hour or two to conclude.


The WHOLE city of Varanasi participates in it!


Around this time, Banaras’ festivities reach their height.

Dev Deepawali 2022

On Kartik Poornima, devotees from all over the world travel to the city to perform rituals at the Ghats. Anyone who wants to get a taste of India’s many cultures should seize this chance.


It’s the BEST time to visit Varanasi!


The ideal time to visit Varanasi is in the winter. The days are sunny and the mornings are chilly.

Dev deepawali

People are performing rituals by the riverfront against a bizarre backdrop created by the morning mist. It is a spiritual encounter!


The EVENING boat ride!


On Dev Diwali, it is said that the gods descend to bathe in the Ganges. Ghats are adorned with millions of earthen lamps to greet the Gods, which, when seen from a boat, are like a star-studded staircase leading to heaven.


Meet the SADHUS of Varanasi!


The ascetics known as Sadhus of Varanasi lead intriguing lives away from the stresses of the outside world. Anyone who wants to get a more in-depth and complex view of Hinduism and the world must interact with these enlightened persons.


The WONDERFUL winter street food!


A native winter delicacy called malaiyo is prepared from raw milk and dew drops. Dew drips, you read that right. In Varanasi, it is readily available throughout the winter, but if you want to try the authentic version, you must venture further into the nearby streets near the Chowk. 

Dev deepawali

The most well-known one is the Malaiyo of Markandey, which is only available until 11 AM and is located in the Thatheri Bazaar next to Gopal Mandir. It’s mouthwatering and delectable!

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