Dos and don’ts during Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse): According to Hindu Mythology

Solar Eclipse Surya Grahan

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Dos and Don’ts for Surya Grahan

Hindus believe that Grahans are unlucky, and there are several dos and don’ts we should go by to lessen their negative effects.

Solar Eclipse Surya Grahan

  • From the beginning through the end of an eclipse, it is useful to practise meditation and chant mantras.
  • No auspicious labour should be done during this time.
  • A Surya Grahan day is a day when a fast is observed. The day before the Surya Grahan, many people begin a 12-hour fast and keep it up till it is over.
  • The Surya Mantra should be recited since many people think it improves spirituality.
  • During the eclipse, add tharpa/durva grass to your drinking and bathing water and set it away.
  • During a grahan, it has been shown that the grass will filter the water, which has a big effect on making it clean.
  • After the eclipse, take a ceremonial bath. It is also very lucky to take a dip in rivers and lakes.

Solar Eclipse Surya Grahan

  • On the day of a grahan, Hindu temples are closed. However, as Lord Shiva is a representation of darkness, his temples remain open.
  • It is advised to avoid getting any sleep at this time.
  • On this day, avoid making any significant decisions.
  • Eat nothing that was prepared before the Surya Grahan. Ayurveda says that the Grahan’s poisonous rays will contaminate our food and make it hard for our digestive system to work.
  • Keep your distance from the Surya Grahan phenomenon.
  • Never touch an idol, including a Shami or Tulsi tree. Give them a holy water bath after the eclipse is through.
  • After the grahan, clean the idols of the gods.

Dos and Don’ts for pregnant women during Surya Grahan

A Surya Grahan is considered to be particularly dangerous to pregnant women, despite the absence of scientific evidence to support this. Here are some pregnancy-related dos and don’ts.

  • Women who are expecting should stay away from the grahan.
  • Don’t go to sleep.
  • Do not fast throughout the grahan, and after it is finished, eat food that has just been cooked.
  • The finest mantras to recite are those that will benefit both the mother and the unborn child’s health.
  • Take a bath before and after the Grahan.
  • It is preferable to refrain from wearing metal, including jewellery and hairpins.



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