When to do asthi visarjan in Prayagraj or Allahabad?

Asthi visarjan, the Hindu ritual of immersing the ashes of the deceased, is traditionally performed at specific times. In Prayagraj or Allahabad, the asthis (ashes) are generally collected on the day of cremation or on the 3rd, 7th, or 9th day following the cremation. The immersion should take place before the 10th day.

However, if the visarjan is to be done after the 10th day, it is recommended to perform it only after the tirtha-shraddha ceremony. The Pitru Paksha period, which usually falls between September and October, is also considered an auspicious time for asthi visarjan. It is essential to consult with a knowledgeable pandit or priest to determine the most appropriate time based on religious calendars and family traditions.

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