Garh Ganga | Mukteshwar | Asthi Visarjan – The Story Behind

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Garh Ganga :- The History of Garh Mukteshwar

Garhmukteshwar is a Teerth sthal situated on the banks on Ganga and has religious importance in terms of Karmkand, Asthi Visarjan, Pind Daan, Tarpan & Ancestor rituals . Many saints & scholars has given their time for tapa & is the reason this place has great vibration for meditation. Krishna, Dattatrey, Parshurama, Karpatri ji Maharaj, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir matha Shri Krishna Bodh Ashram ji, Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami Divyananda Teerth ji Maharaj and many more spiritual beings, rishi munis and maharashis spent their time here.

 Now a days this place is a hub and a point of attraction for many travellers across the country and is for mainly Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab. People come here to pour the ashes of their family persons so that they can get liberation. The story of how this place got the boon to revive the sins and to give moksha to people goes like this.     

Once upon a time some unknown people reached at the place of Lord Shiva, where Nandishwer was positioned as gate guard. They said to Nandishwer that we have to visit the Lord, please give us the way. Nandishwer restricted them and said that without the permission of my Swami you could not go inside. Nandishwer went inside and said ‘Swami’ many unknown people wanted to visit you, we don’t know them. But they look like you. As you command?    

Garh Ganga Asthi Visarjan story

 Lord Shiva said that they were our own servants. Let them come. Then Goddess Parvati said that Prabhu they all are blessed, to whom you gave your very rare form. They must have meditated so long that they got your favourite form. Prabhu, I am so kind to hear that how your Ganna got your look?

Lord Shiva said- O beloved! listen, you are also related to this story. Listen carefully. This story is about to destroy all the sins of humans. After hearing this story, humans will get the fruit of great sacrifices involuntarily.


When Sati abandoned her body. And when you started prayer to administer me by taking birth in Himachal’s home, then for your exam I went to you with my Ganas. The Ganas were left outside at some distance, I went in alone. I got married to you as you pleased me with your Tapa. Ganas that were left outside, they set out towards Mandrachala Mountain. They saw Sage Durvasha there, who was doing penance with their mouth covered with hairs. On seeing Durvasha, Ganas understood that it was a bear because he was totally covered with hairs.

Asthi Visarjan Garh Ganga Contact

Some of them said him owl and started ridiculing Him. Durvasha’s tomb was broken in this and he cursed them that you insulted me, Go get vampire vagina. Everyone trembled as soon as they heard the curse. Then Ganas said Maharaj you punished criminals,you did it well. But now please tell us when this curse will end?

 Durvasha Rishi said after wandering in the east, west and south sub province of India when you would reach in Hastinapur’s east Shivballabh teerth in North Province, then you will get rid of this curse. After saying this Durvasha Rishi got back into his penance. Ganas, got rid of curse as they reached Shivballabh teerth and visit to the temple of Shiva. They took bath in Ganga and worshipped Muktishwer Bhagwan. They started Tapa there. In the month of Magha they did a very difficult penance by standing in the water till their throught chanting mantra. Baghawati Chintmurti got pleased and gave my form to them. That’s how they got my form.

The old name of Garhmukteshwar was Shivaballavpura and when the ganas of Shiva got librated from their sins hence the name got changed into Garhmukteshwar.

Garh Mukteshwar AsthiVisarjan from Delhi

By:- Pandit Nobat Rai Sudhir Rai, Garh Mukteshwar, Hapur U.P

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