Gayaji Pind Daan – Cost of Pind Daan in Gaya

Pind daan in gaya -Vishnupad temple in gaya ji
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Gayaji Pind Daan is a ritual everyone should do every year or at least once in their lifetime, because Lord Vishnu has blessed the city and his footprint is still present in Vishnupad temple.

Gaya, Bihar, is a city located in the Indian state of Bihar. It is one of the oldest and most sacred pilgrimage sites in India. It is known as “one of the spiritual centres of the earth,” and has been home to many Hindu temples throughout its long history.


In Hinduism, Pind Daan is a ritual performed to liberate the soul of a departed ancestor. It is believed that by performing this ritual, the soul of the ancestor is freed from the cycle of rebirth and can attain salvation.

Gaya ji Pind daan -Vishnupad temple in gaya ji

The ritual involves offering food and water to the ancestors, as well as reciting mantras and performing certain rituals. Pind Daan is usually performed on special occasions such as Diwali or on the anniversary of the ancestor’s death.

Gaya is considered to be the preferred place for Pind Daan.

How much does it cost to perform Gayaji Pind Daan?

While it is highly subjective, you may expect to pay between INR 11000 and INR 21000 for a thorough puja performed for your mental fulfilment. Alternatively, you may pay a budget amount ranging from INR 2100 to INR 7100.

Be cautious when quoting the priests’ amount during the mantra’s recitation to tie you by a vow (sankalpam) for the Pind Daan, lest you be obliged to pay more than your budget allows.

Pind daan in gaya-cost to perform Gayaji Pind Daan

Maintain sufficient INR 100/10 rupee notes to pay the pandas and to gift to beggars and cleaning employees who may approach you for alms/charity.

Cost of Brahmin Bhoj

A Brahmin Bhoj is an ancient tradition of feeding Brahmins, since they represent God, in order to obtain the blessings of our pitrus. Brahman Bhojan is a vital ritual in which brahmins are fed on various occasions including as

  • Pitru paksha
  • During the yearly Shradh Ceremony
  • During Barsi Ceremony
  • Any Occasion of Pitru Pujas

The cost of Brahmin Bhoj depends on the no. of Brahmins. As per the occasion or requirement, the no. of brahmins vary. Also, after the brahmin bhoj, with respect and care, each brahmin is given certain materials including dhoti, towel etc.

Usually a healthy and fulfilling brahmin bhoj costs Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000 per brahmin.

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