Maha bharani Shradh Pitrupaksha 2023

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Bharani Shradh 2023: A Sacred Ritual of Remembrance

Bharani Shradh is a significant ritual observed during the Pitru Paksha, a period dedicated to paying homage to one’s ancestors. In 2023, this ritual holds special importance for hindus, as it is performed when the Bharani Nakshatra prevails during the Aparahna Kala.

Significance of Bharani Shradh

Bharani Nakshatra is closely associated with Yama, the God of Death. Observing the Bharani Shradh during this Nakshatra is believed to bring benefits equivalent to performing the Gaya Shradh. While it is customary to perform the Bharani Nakshatra Shradh once after the death of a person, some traditions, as mentioned in Dharmasindhu, advocate for its annual observance.

Timings for 2023

Bharani Nakshatra Begins – 19:27 on Oct 01, 2023
Bharani Nakshatra Ends – 18:24 on Oct 02, 2023

Rituals and Practices

The Bharani Shradh is performed during the Aparahna Kala when the Bharani Nakshatra prevails either on Chaturthi Tithi or Panchami Tithi during Mahalaya Paksha. Depending on the prevailing Nakshatra, the ritual is known as Chauth Bharani or Bharani Panchami. It’s worth noting that the Bharani Shradh isn’t strictly linked to any Tithi.

The primary objective of the Bharani Shradh is to honor and remember the departed souls. The ritual culminates with the Tarpan, a sacred offering made to the ancestors.

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Bharani Shradh is a profound tradition that underscores the importance of remembering and honoring our ancestors. By observing this ritual, devotees believe they can ensure peace and blessings for their departed loved ones.


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