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Pind Daan at Badrinath | Bramhakapal Pind daan pooja


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Pind daan at Bramhakapal, Badrinath poojan includes:-

  • Poojan Samagri
  • Purohit dakshina
  • Pind daan poojan

Badrinath, Uttrakhand dham is a religious place for the Pind daan rituals, the area open in summer season generally April-May for the pilgrims. This year the opening date for Badrinath kapat is on 08 May 2022. The pilgrims can book pind daan poojan through us. Feel free to contact.

According to the Skanda Purana, doing the Shraddha ceremony at Badrinath kshetra is eight times better than performing it at Gaya kshetra. At Badrinath’s Brahma Kapal ghat, devotees conduct Shraddha for their ancestors.

Bramhakapal, Badrinath is a religious place to conduct Pind daan. It is an ancient place to conduct the ancestors rituals in offer to provide moksha to the departed souls. After conducting pind daan in Prayag, Varanasi & Gaya, the last pind daan is conducted in Bramhakapal Badrinath. It is believed that after conducting the shradh poojan in Badrinath, a person gets free from ancestors debt & is the reason many pilgrims from all over the India & abroad come here to offer pinds.

Watch the story of Pind Daan at Badrinath-

Story of Brahmakapal at Badrinath | Pind daan at Brahmkapal Badrinath


Bramhakapal Badrinath Pind daan is the last rite a person in Sanatan dharma offers to their ancestors, as per the Garud-puran, Badrinath is the place of Lord Vishnu & is the only place a soul finds moksha.

We at Prayag Pandits conduct Pind daan at Bramhakapal with our knowledgeable Teerth purohits of Badrinath by following all the rituals as per our Shastra’s. For any further assistance feel free to contact us!

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Pind Daan at Badrinath | Bramhakapal Pind daan pooja
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