Pind Daan in Ayodhya

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Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama is known for it’s holy river, Saryu which originates form Ganga river itself has it’s mentions in Rigveda. This makes Saryu river one of the holiest rivers in India for performing hindu rituals like Pind daan.

Prayag Pandits provides the best and knowledgeable teerth purohit in to conduct Pind daan in Ayodhya.

Here are the following things included in Pind Daan in Ayodhya:-

  • Pind Daan on the banks of Saryu river
  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Material


  • Any extra offerrings to the priest.
  • Pick and drop charges from station/airport.

Importance of performing pind daan in Ayodhya

Pind daan in ayodhya is performed on the banks of Saryu river. Seven Pinds or balls of rice mixed with wheat flour, honey and milk are prepared as offerings to the soul of the deceased and the ancestors and these are offered to the chanting of mantras. It is the moral duty of each Hindu to honor dead family members and conduct the Pind Daan in order to free the soul and give it peace.

It is believed that performing Pind daan in Ayodhya leads the departed soul to heaven. Pind daan in Ayodhya is performed at Ram ki paidi Ghat along Saryu River.


Image of Pilgrim performing pind daan in ayodhya

Lord Ram’s Birthplace

According to Hindu mythology, Ayodhya is the birthplace of Rama (Lord Vishnu’s seventh incarnation) and one of the most sacred sites on the globe. It is about 10 kilometres from Faizabad city, on the bank of the river Saryu (Ghaghara). At the time of Buddha, Ayodhya was also known as Saket. Hanumangarhi, Nageshwarnath, Devkali, Kanakbhavan, and other temples are well-known in the area. The city is decked with lights and flowers during the Ramnavami celebration (the birth day of Lord Ram) and draws worshippers from all over the world.

Here is a video of Pilgrims performing Pind daan in Ayodhya:-

Ayodhya me Pind Daan karte huye log


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Pind daan is important?

The last rite is done by the successor in order to provide salvation to the departed soul. The soul dwells around unsatisfied and unhappy trying to achieve those feelings which are not possible for his form. Hence, Pind Daan will show enlightenment to the soul and lead him towards Moksha.

2. Can Pind daan be done if Mother is alive?

Yes, you can perform the Pind daan of your father, if your mother is still alive.

3. Can i perform Pind daan if my parents is alive?

Yes, Pind daan is a ritual to provide an offering to dearly departed souls. It can be performed for grandparents and father’s grandparents. This is done by parents and you can sit along with your parents.

4. When can we do Pind daan?

Pind daan can be done anytime while the whole year, but pitrupaksha a 18 day period before Navaratri is considered as holy time to conduct the ritual.

5. What is the procedure of Pind daan?

Pind daan is conducted by the purohits/pandas over the banks of river in Gaya, Prayag, Varanasi, Haridwar and Ayodhya. They conduct Ganga poojan, pinda poojan, tarpanam, sankalpam.

6. Can daughter perform Pind daan?

When there are no male relatives who are ready or able to carry out Pind Daan, female relatives such as daughters and mothers can carry it out.

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