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Shradh Poojan in Garh Ganga Garh Mukteshwar

Shradh refers to the offerings (food, etc.) presented to the Brahmins acting as representative of the Pitars after they have announced the location, time, and proper venue in full faith and with all of the associated ceremonies.

Shradh poojan in Garh Ganga Garh Mukteshwar is performed with expert purohits at a fixed price on the banks of river Ganga with Prayag Pandits.

Here are the following things included in the poojan package:-

  • Shradh poojan at the bank of River Ganga.
  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Material
  • Guide support


  • Any extra offerings to the priest.
  • Pick up and drop from railway station.


999 in stock

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In Hinduism, shraddha, Sanskrit srddha, often written sraddha, is a ceremony held in memory of a deceased ancestor. All male Hindus are required to perform the ceremony, which is both a social and religious obligation (with the exception of some sannyasis, or ascetics). The significance placed on the birth of boys in India reflects the necessity to ensure that a male descendent would be available to execute the shraddha rite after one’s death.

With expert purohits from Prayag Pandits, you can perform shradh poojan in Garh Ganga Garh Mukteshwar Dham on the banks of river Ganga at Brij Ghat.




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