Tarpan in Gaya

Tarpan in gaya is performed for bringing happiness and relive the performer and his family from any problems or pains that may arrive. In this poojan, the god, souls of sages and the spirits of ancestors are remembered and are offered with water with the help of dried grass twigs.

This poojan is performed by our expert purohits and pandits in Gaya ji at the holy Phalgu river.

Poojan inclusions:

  • Poojan samagri
  • Pandit ji dakshina
  • Tarpan Poojan
  • Guide Support

This Poojan does not include:

  • Any extra offerrings to the priest.
  • Pick and drop charges from station/airport.


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Tarpan in Gaya is performed in the shallow waters of Phalgu river.


Tarpan is the act of offering water to God, the Sages, the souls of ancestors, and human people and gratifying them with it.
The goal of tarpan is for God, departed ancestors’ spirits, and other entities whose names are uttered throughout the ritual to give pleasure on us.

Image of a person doing tarpan in gaya

According to Brahma Purana, a person who performs Shradh and tarpan for the sake of his ancestors by means of shaak etc., increases his entire family and no person of his lineage becomes unhappy and no pain can reach him.


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