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Tripindi Shradh in Gaya Pitrupaksha 2022

Gaya, Bihar is considered to be one of the top preffered place by hinduism to perform Tripindi Shradh. Purohits/Pandas over the bank of phalgu river perform Tripindi Shradh Pooja here. Book your priest now, to get the poojan service over Gaya at fixed price.

Following are included in the Tripindi Shradh in Gaya package:-

  • Tripindi Shradh at the bank of Phalgu river.
  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Material
  • Guide support


  • Any extra offerrings to the priest.
  • Pick and drop charges from station/airport.

(For international payments, please contact us before booking)

Tripindi Shradh in Gaya Pitrupaksha 2022


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Importance of Tripindi Shradh in Gaya

Tripindi Shradh pooja in gaya is performed for the unknown (अज्ञात पितरो), in order for them to attain moksha. If a person has pitra dosh, he/she can perform Tripindi (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) Shradh in gaya.

It is performed near phalgu river or near the temple when due to some reason, a person was unable to perform shradh for 3 continuous years.

It is a ceremony of offering food and water to the souls of departed ancestors. In this pooja, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are worshipped.

Shradha of ancestors should be conducted twice a year, according to the ancient book named ‘Shradha Kamalkar’. Unhappy ancestors can cause havoc for future generations if the shradh is not performed for an extended period of time.

Image of Tripindi Shradh Pooja in Gaya gallery
A person performing tripindi shradh in gaya

Benefits of Tripindi Shradh in Gaya:

Most people believe Tripindi Shradha refers to pleasing forefathers (father-mother, Grandfather-Grandmother, and Great Grandparents), although it is not limited to three generations. Any soul that is dissatisfied with his or her life and dies causes problems for future generations.

Such spirits might be sent to the everlasting divinity by conducting the “Tripindi Shradha” rite at Gaya.

Tripindi Shradh Pooja in Gaya is being performed over the bank of the phalgu river in the for the shanti of the ancestors and to offer them sadgati ( the next stage of prosperity).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can perform Tripindi Shradh?

Tripindi shradh pooja can be performed by the person suffering from the Pitru dosh. Any family member can perform the pooja except unmarried females. If the person performing the pooja is married, then his wife should accompany him during the poojan.

2. What are the benefits of Tripindi Shradh Pooja?

Traditionally, the rituals of Tripindi Shradh are performed when the family suffers from lack of peace, diseases, business failure, untimely deaths, non-fulfillment of desires etc. due to pitru dosh.
This pooja often solves such problems in the family and satisfies the unhappy ancestors.

3. What pooja should be done when a child dies?

Generally when a middle-aged or old person passes away, his Pind Daan, Shradh and all other rituals are performed. But if a small child or youth passes away, not all rituals are performed . This puts their souls in a vicious circle which pains them and it causes difficulties for the family as well.

In that case, Tripindi Shradh should be performed to free these souls and send them towards heaven.

4. What is the correct time to perform Tripindi Shradh?

Date of tripindi shradh for a person is decided by the pandit ji himself based on auspicious days for shradh. For more information, you can contact us.

5. What is the correct time for performing shradh?

It is necessary to do Shradh on their death anniversaries every year. Shradh must also be performed in the month of Bhadrapad “Pitrupaksh”, which is known as “Samvatsarik Shardh” and “Mahalaya Shardh.”

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