Tritiya Shradh Pitrupaksha 2023

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Tritiya Shradh 2023: Significance, Date, and Rituals

Tritiya Shradh is a significant ritual observed by Hindus to pay homage to their deceased ancestors. This ritual is performed during the Pitru Paksha, also known as Mahalaya Paksha. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding Tritiya Shradh in 2023.

Date and Timings for 2023

The specific timings for the rituals are as follows:

Tritiya Tithi Begins – 09:41 on Oct 01, 2023
Tritiya Tithi Ends – 07:36 on Oct 02, 2023

Significance of Tritiya Shradh

Tritiya Shradh is performed in memory of those family members who passed away on Tritiya Tithi, encompassing both the Shukla and Krishna Paksha Tritiya. This ritual is also commonly referred to as Teej Shradh.

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Rituals and Practices

The Pitru Paksha Shradhas are classified as Parvan Shradhas. The most auspicious times to conduct these rituals are during the Kutup Muhurat and Rohina Muhurat. Once these muhurats conclude, the rituals can be performed until the end of the Aparahna Kala. At the culmination of the Shradha, a ritual called Tarpan is performed, which involves offering water to the deceased ancestors.


Tritiya Shradh is a profound way for Hindus to remember and honor their ancestors. By performing these rituals, they believe that they can provide solace to the departed souls and seek their blessings for a prosperous life. If you’re planning to observe Tritiya Shradh in 2023, ensure you adhere to the specific timings to maximize the ritual’s efficacy.


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