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Confused about what to eat during pitru paksha? Don’t worry we got you.

This year, Pitru Paksha, which lasts for fifteen days, begins on September 10 and ends on the 25th. This time is revered as a time to give thanks to the spirits of our deceased ancestors. There are various dietary limitations in place at this time, and people adhere to them for both scientific and spiritual reasons. It is advised to avoid tamasic foods, according to some.

What to Eat During Pitru Paksha? For scientific reasons, it is advised against eating the majority of foods, and the compounds the body produces after consuming tamasic foods can impair attention during pitru paksha rites.

devotee performing pind daan in mathura

Consuming tamasic food can divert attention from other activities, allowing worshipers to focus on their rituals. During pitru paksha, foods like wine, onions, garlic, chicken, pork, shellfish, and eggs are seen as being religiously impure. Additionally, various pulses—including entire lentils, urad, gramme, black mustard, and black cumin—must not be consumed.


What to Eat During Pitru Paksha and what to avoid

Rock salt is preferred over white salt

It is said to be preferable to use rock salt rather than regular salt to maintain the cleanliness of food. According to Ayurveda, rock salt should be consumed on a regular basis because it is the purest and contains no chemicals.


Shradh Kheer (Rice Pudding)

In the shradh season, kheer, or rice pudding, has special importance. However, in this instance, only cow milk should be utilised. Curd, ghee, and rice pudding are all milk-based dishes that should only be made using cow’s milk. However, one must make sure the cow hasn’t recently given birth. Kheer has enormous significance during this season because all ceremonies involve the sweet offering.

what to eat during pitru paksha 2022

Never serve meals on leaves

To appease our ancestors, it is stated that only silver cutlery should be used to serve shradh cuisine. This metal is also supposed to exterminate any negative forces in the area. It not only satisfies their appetite but also lessens their risk of contracting an infection from feeding on a soiled leaf. In the southern region of India, plates made of banana leaves are frequently used. Before using these leaves to serve meals, they should, however, be completely cleaned and sanitised.

What to eat during pitru paksha 2022. Eating food on leaf

Cow’s Milk

Cow (who has given birth recently) milk should not be consumed during this time. Particular care should be taken to avoid a cow that has recently given birth. Cow ghee should also be avoided at this time.


Stale Food

During pitru paksha 2022, one should make sure that all of the food consumed is fresh. The purpose of cooking fresh food at this time is to nourish the ancestors’ souls. Additionally, for health reasons, one should avoid food kept in the refrigerator for an extended period of time during this period of significantly changing weather. Most foods that are kept in the refrigerator lose their nutritious value and possibly become cancer-causing.


Cooking Method

The cook should be towards the east while preparing the shradh meal. The kitchen is regarded as the most important room in the house by Vastu Shastra. To ensure the family’s health and good fortune, one should adhere to Vastu-compliant kitchen design guidelines.

cooking method during pitru paksha 2022

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