Teerth Nivas Prayagraj

A neat & clean homestay near triveni sangam by Prayag Pandits for all devotees & Pilgrims.

Yatri Nivas near Triveni Sangam, Prayagraj

Yatri Nivas Prayagraj offers devotees and pilgrims visiting Prayagraj for performing Asthi Visarajan, Pind daan or Shradh kriya, as well as for just travelling purposes, can book a stay at our Teerth Nivas. We have the following facilities:

  • Fully ventilated and Big rooms (2 rooms, 1 hall with kitchen)
  • Clean and Sanitised bathroom and Lavatory
  • At a distance of 700 meters from triveni sangam.
  • Home like ambience
  • Arrangements of up to 20 people comfortable night stay.
  • Best arrangements for Satvik meals.
  • Full arrangements for Poojan Karya

Call at: +918381990321, +917754097777

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