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12 Madhav | Dwadash Madhav | The Temples established by Lord Brahma

Rasleela - Lord Madhav with Radha - 12 Madhav

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Lord Brahma’s Temples

It is a religious belief that Lord Brahma established the Dwadash (12) Madhav at Prayagraj after the creation of the universe. The blessings of Kalpavas and a holy dip in Prayagraj’s Sangam are said to be gained only after circumambulating the 12 Madhav temples.

Lord Madhav playing flute - 12 Madhav

The circumambulation of the 12 Madhav was done in Tretayuga under the direction of Maharishi Bharadwaj, but the practice gradually faded away. During Mughal and British administrations, the temples of Dwadash Madhav were devastated.

12 Madhav after Independence

After the country gained independence, Saint Prabhudutt Brahmachari, Shankaracharya Niranjan Devtirtha and Dharmasamrat Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj began the circumambulation in the month of Magh in 1961 in quest of Dwadash Madhav. The practise was discontinued in 1987.

Swami Harichaitanya Brahmachari of Tikar Mafi Peeth (Jhunsi) initiated the parikrama (circumambulation) in 1991, but it was halted after a few years due to ignorance on the part of other religious organisations and the administration.

Dwadash Madhav at Kumbh 2019

The parikrama was restarted in Kumbh 2019 on February 6 thanks to the efforts of the General Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad Mahant Hari Giri, a continued practice to this day.

Madhav temples may be found around the city, notably the Veni Madhav temple in Daraganj (regarded as the deity of Prayagraj). Similarly, Akshayavat Madhav is said to be in the centre of the Ganga-Yamuna river.

Triveni Sangam at Prayagraj - 12 Madhav

Daraganj is home to the Anant Madhav and Asi Madhav Nagvasuki temples. Manohar Madhav is in the Johnston neighbourhood, Bindu Madhav is near Draupadi Ghat, and Sri Aadi Madhav is in the shape of water at the confluence of two rivers. Chakra Madhav is in Arail, Srigada Madhav is near the Cheoki railway station, and Padma Madhav Vikar is in Deoria hamlet.

According to Harichaitanya Brahmachari, Sankathar Madhav is the Sandhyavat, Jhunsi, and Shankh Madhav are all placed in the Munshi’s garden in Chhatnag.


A chain of 12 Madhav Temples circles the Prayag Kshetra:


  • Sri Adi Vat Madhav – Triveni Sangam


  • Sri Asi Madhav – Nag Vasuki Mandir


  • Sri Sankasht Har Madhav – Jhusi


  • Sri Shankh Madhav – Chhatnag Munshi Bageecha


  • Sri Adi Veni Madhav – Arail Ghat


  • Sri Chakra Madhav – Arail Ghat


  • Sri Gada Madhav – Chhivanki village


  • Sri Padma Madhav – Bikar Devariya


  • Sri Manohar Madhav – Johnsanganj


  • Sri Bindu Madhav – Draupadi Ghat


  • Sri Veni Madhav – Daraganj


  • Anant Madhav – Ordinance Depot Factory


If one wants to visit Dwadash Madhav Temples. They can contact us, Prayag Pandits. We will ensure one can visit these temples without any hassle.


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