Asthi Visarjan through Courier/Post

Online service of asthi visarjan via courier and live poojan by Prayag Pandits

How to perform Asthi Visarjan through Courier/Post?

Asthi Visarjan is a last rite/rituals being performed by the Hindus, in order to provide salvation or moksh to the departed soul of their loved ones. The ashes of the dead ones is being immersed over holy river Ganges in order to provide salvation & the Teerth purohits or pandas(priest) perform a poojan to immerse the ashes over holy river in teerth sthals i.e Kaashi, Prayag, haridwar & Gaya.

Many people in India & NRI’s from abroad come with the Asthi Kalash over the  Teerth sthals to perform the poojan and immerssion, but the one who wishes & not be able to come due to office work, emergency or any other reasons can perform the Asthi Visarjan poojan over these Teerth sthals live by sending us the Asthi Kalash through courier/post.

Prayag Pandits provides the asthi visarjan poojan live over video conferencing app live through these Teerth sthals.

Here are the following steps:-

  1. Contact Prayag Pandits through mail or call.
  2. Select the Teerth sthals where you want to perform the poojan.
  3. Send the Courier to our provided address on your own.
  4. Prayag Pandits official receive the courier & inform you over mail/call/text.
  5. Provide information of the deceased soul as our official asked you for.
  6. Confirm the poojan day, date & timings.
  7. Prayag Pandits official will host a meeting over ZOOM app and send you the login credentials over mail.
  8. Be present over the video conference with the family members of yours to perform the poojan live straight through the teerth sthals.
  9. After poojan, a small video of the full rituals will be sent to you over mail.

Important Note:-

  1. Be careful, while packing the courier. Follow the steps PrayagPandits provide to you while packing.
  2. Provide us the clear information of the deceased soul, gothra, forefathers info, the name of person performing the poojan & the cause of death asked by us.
  3. Please make the full payment before the poojan, which is 100% refundable if gets cancelled by your side.

Asthi Visarjan through post/courier is very much helpful for people living outside India(NRI’s) and for the people living in India and don’t have time to come and perform the rituals. Prayag Pandits is one step solution for this.

For more details, click here.

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