How to Perform Pind Daan Poojan

Pind daan is a religious ritual offered to dead ancestors for the departed soul to salvation. The ritual is conducted over the banks of holy rivers. Gaya, Bihar is considered as the holy place to conduct Pind daan ritual as it is believed that Lord Rama has done the ritual in the disguise of his father Lord Dasharatha for enlightment the departed soul to acquire Moksha.
The best time to conduct the ritual is in Pitru-Paksha.

Procedure to perform Pind daan!

Generally, there are three Rin thats needs to be followed as mentioned in Holy books & Granthas in Hindu mythology.

  • Dev-Rin
  • Rishi-Rin
  • Pitra-Rin


  • Vedic Karma Kand
  • Rudrabhishek
  • Yagya



  • Sevasatkar
  • Daan



  1. Antyeshti Sanskar:- As the name suggest ‘Antyeshti’ means ‘AntimaSanskar’. The last rite in which the dead is put to fire with certain Vedas mantras.
  2. Asthi Visarjan:- The ash collected from Antyeshti is collected over a copper vessel and is made to flow in river Ganges.
  3. Shraad or the Feasting ceremony:- The prople who are known is being invited for food offerings and to pay peace for the departed soul.
  4. Brahaman Bhoj to offer food to the Brahamans.

Rishi Rin and DevRin can be implemented in your regular lifestyle, but PitraRin has a set of activities which requires attention and separate time.

Following are the rituals performed for Shraadh & Pind daan Poojan in Gaya Ji:-

  • Snaan & Sankalpa:- Take a bath in the holy River Ganges before performing Pind Daan.
  • PindDaan :- The worshiping of the departed souls and the ancestors.
  • Tarpan :- In this act the closest relatives make a sacred offering to God so that the soul may enter Swarga. Tarpana is also referred as Arghya where an offering is made to all the 5 Devas and Navagrahas. Some perform Tarpana by using water and Sesame seeds during Pitru Paksha which is known as Tilatarpana.


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