Asthi Visarjan at Prayagraj | Soulful Place & Time for Asthi Visarjan

Pilgrim performing asthi visarjan in prayagraj

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Why to do Asthi Visarjan at Prayag?

The Ganga River, which flows through Prayag, is considered one of the holiest rivers in the world. Offering asthis in holy waters will aid the souls of the deceased in breaking free from the cycle of reincarnation and finding peace. Prayagraj’s Asthi Visarjan is a very important religious ceremony. Asthi is defined as a leftover bone or a collection of deceased people’s ashes.

You can book the ASTHI VISARJAN Package, by clicking here. After booking, pandit ji will contact you and guide you through the process.

The remains of the deceased are collected after the final rites are conducted, and they are usually bound in a piece of fabric. Finally, the submerged ashes will flow like a river across calm water. “Asthi visarjan” refers to the complete immersion procedure.

Asthi Visarjan at triveni sangam, Prayagraj
Boat at Triveni Sangam, Prayagraj

Asthi Visarjan should always be done according to the instructions in our scriptures. If the Asthi Visarjan is not done according to the holy texts, the soul suffers.

Asthi Visarjan Time & Place

The Asthis are gathered on the day after cremation, or on the third, seventh, or ninth day, and submerged in running water before the tenth day. The third day after cremation procedures is the best time to gather asthi. If asthi is to be immersed after the 10th day, it should be done only after the tirtha-shraddha ceremony has been completed.


In Prayag, book a Priest / Pandit for Asthi Visarjan. Panditji will bring all of the Puja Samargi. All of the pandits have extensive experience and will perform in accordance with Shastra.


We may also do Prayag Asthi visarjan on your behalf.


If you live a long distance away, you can mail Asthi to us, and we will do all of the karyas according to the shastras and send you images and videos.

Pilgrims from Orissa performing Asthi Visarajan and Ganga Poojan in Prayagraj Triveni sangam


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