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Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar | Garh Ganga | Kartik Mela


Garh Ganga is a religious spot situated in Garh-Mukteshwar at district Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as Mukti-dham. Deep Daan on the ghats of river Ganga at Garh Mukteshwar has great beliefs in Hindu Mythology.

There are numerous benefits of performing Deep daan. According to popular belief, one can obtain the merit of ASHWAMEGH YAGYA by doing so. Many Hindus think that doing Deep Daan on Kartik Poornima can bring them fame, fortune, and salvation for themselves and their ancestors.

We at Prayag Pandits conduct Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar. Book now to perform Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar with complete ritual with our expert pandit ji to gain maximum benefits from the deep daan.

Inclusions in Deep daan in Garh Mukteshwar:-

  • Deep daan of 51 Deeps under your name
  • Deep Daan Poojan
  • Purohit Charges
  • Poojan Samagri


  • Any extra offerings to pandit ji
  • Pickup and drop from Station/Airport

Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar or Garh Ganga is performed at the bank of river Ganga in the month of Kartik after Deepawali. It is a ritual being performed for yours pitars and hence is also known as pitra deep daan.

Image of Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar

In the month of Kartik, People who perform deep daan in Garh Mukteshwar are supposed to radiate with heavenly light. Month of Kartik begins with gloomy evenings during the first fifteen days of the month. If you light a deep in the month of Kartik a few days before Lord Vishnu goes to sleep, you are said to have banished the darkness from your life. Anyone who performs deep daan in kartik is blessed with heavenly light for the rest of their lives.

Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar with Prayag Pandits


Prayag Pandits will help you in performing the complete deep daan ritual with our expert pandit ji in Garh Mukteshwar.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Deep Daan is performed?

In the month of Kartik, it is particularly important to perform Deep Daan. Daily lamp giving at a holy river or a pilgrimage site is critical for this entire month. On Kartik Purnima, beginning with Sharad Purnima, deep daan is performed daily.

2. Why to perform Deep Daan at Garh Ganga?

According to our purohits in Garh Ganga, during the month of Kartik the pitars come down on earth in hope of finding their family and loved ones. Pilgrims who perform deep daan remembering their ancestors are showered with blessings from their Pitars. In Garh Ganga, a huge Kartik Mela is organised every year in which pilgrims from all over India come for deep daan.

3. How to perform Deep Daan in Garh Ganga?

Prayag Pandits organise deep daan in garh ganga in the month of Kartik. You are required to book deep daan with us and our team will perform deep daan on your behalf.

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Deep Daan in Garh Mukteshwar | Garh Ganga | Kartik Mela
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