Gau daan | Shradh Pooja | Pind Daan at Prayagraj


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Online Gau daan, Pind daan & Shradh Pooja is being conducted at the ghats and at Triveni Sangam in Prayagraj.

Inlcusions in Gau daan | Shradh Pooja | Pind Daan at Prayagraj:

  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Samagri
  • Pind Daan
  • Brahmin Daan
  • Shradh
  • Gau Daan


  • Any extra offerings to the Priest.
  • Pick and drop charges

Perform Gau daan in Prayagraj

Gau daan also known as Maha-daan is considered as the utmost & most important daan in Kalyuga. It is believed that a cow has millions dieties residence & cow donation is the most fruitful ritual in Hindu mythology. Donating a cow to the priest or performing the online gau daan is something every hindu must do once in their life.

Image of a cow ready for Online Gau Daan

Shradh Pooja is performed for our dearly departed ancestors. Triveni Sangam Prayagraj, has great importance of ancestor rituals. Followed by the month of pitars, many pilgrims from all over the India & NRI’s from abroad come to perform Shradh Pooja.

Pind daan at Prayagraj is also been conducted as per the holy hindu texts by expert purohits.


Watch Pind daan poojan in Gaya-

Online Pind Daan in Gaya | Online pind daan gaya ji


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the types of Gau Daan?

There are following types of Gau Daan-

  • Paap Dhenu Daan- To get rid from Sins
  • Karj Mukti Dhenu Daan- To get freedom from all debts of lifetime
  • Moksha Dhenu Daan- For Moksha or Salvation (freedom from the birth and death cycle)
  • Prayaschit Dhenu Daan- This is done to get forgiveness
  • Vaitrani Dhenu Daan- To get moksha during the last days of a person or to cross the deadly vaitrani river (river of hell)

2. What happens if shradh is not performed?

Here is a shlokha from Shrimadbhagwadgita which is said for those who do not perform shradh, पतन्ति पितरो ह्येषां लुप्तपिण्डोदकक्रियाः।

It says, The ancestors of such persons (who do not do Shradh) go to the Hell region as a result of their failure to execute rituals such as pind daan, Shradh, tarpana (Ritualistic offering water to the pitars), and so on. As a result, it inhibits the descendants from being free.

3. Is Pind daan necessary?

Pind daan is a holy ritual which is conducted after the cremation of an individual, it is an offering to our grands, so they can acquire sadgati (next stage of life after death).

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Gau daan | Shradh Pooja | Pind Daan at Prayagraj
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