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Pind Daan in Prayagraj

Pind Daan poojan is being performed over the bank of Sangam in Prayag by the purohits/pandas. Book your priest online to perform Pind daan in the memory of your ancestors in Prayagraj.

Here are the following things included in the poojan package:-

  • Pind daan Poojan
  • Boat ride to reach Sangam
  • Priest Charges
  • Poojan Material
  • Guide support


  • Any extra offerrings to the priest.
  • Pick and drop charges from station/airport.
  • Any tip and offerring to the boatman.
  • Dhoti and Gamcha (Towel)

Note:- The pooja will be conducted over the boat in between Sangam.


(For international payments, please contact us before booking)

Pind Daan in Prayagraj


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Importance of Pind daan in Prayagraj

As per Garuda Purana, performing pind daan after the cremation and asthi visarjan of a family member or a loved one, is a very important rite. This last rite is performed by the son to provide salvation to the departed soul and make it go to the vaikunth dham. There is a tale about King Dasharatha’s Shradh.

Lord Rama is supposed to have performed shradh for his forefathers on the banks of the Triveni Sangam. It is stated that the generation of Raja Ram’s pandas, which he brought from Ayodhya, is still found here.

The confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati emphasises Prayagraj’s magnificence. This is why performing pind daan at Prayagraj is very important.

Image of a person performing pind daan in Prayagraj
A person performing pind daan in Prayagraj.

At Triveni Sangam, pind daan is performed by our expert purohits over a boat.

Watch Video of Pind daan in Prayagraj, Triveni Sangam:

YouTube video


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why to perform Pind daan in Prayagraj?

Pind daan in prayagraj is done as there a prevalent notion that completing ancestral ceremonies at Prayagraj, previously known as Allahabad, located at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers, removes all of a soul’s afflictions after death. Sins are wiped away and the soul is set free from the cycle of life and death by just bathing in these waters.

2. When to do Pind daan in Prayagraj?

Pind daan can be done anytime while the whole year, but pitrupaksha a 18 day period before Navaratri is considered as holy time to conduct the ritual.

3. Who can perform Pind daan in Prayagraj?

Pind daan in Prayagraj can be performed by a widow, son or daughter of person whose shradh is performed in gaya. Children (sons) and other male relatives, such as brothers, fathers, and grandchildren, are frequently called upon to conduct the Pind Daan. When there are no male relatives who are ready or able to carry out Pind Daan, female relatives such as daughters and mothers can carry it out.

Read all about Pind daan here.

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