SUMANGALI POOJAN:- Significance & Importance

Sumangali signifies a married woman whose other half is still to life. This Pooja is done to conjure up the blessings of ancestral ladies of the family that have departed the planet airplane. Carrying out the Pooja pleases the unfinished yearnings of these women, as well as they consequently honor the household. This function is done when a daughter of your home is marrying or when a daughter-in-law gets in the family members. Guys are purely left out from the ceremony, and the ritual is not carried out on Tuesdays and also Saturdays. It is presided over by the senior lady family members that ensure the prep work are done, bearing in mind the sacredness of the ritual. Ladies pray to the departed spirits for the health and longevity of their partners and to honor the family members with wealth.

Speciality Of Sumangali Pooja

The Sumangali Pooja is a really crucial and also sacred feature, which is executed according to particular traditions and also procedures. Establishing the Kudumba Sampradayam (family members tradition) and following it purely is essential prior to doing this ritual. The sumangalies ought to remain in numbers 3, 5, 7, 9 as well as be offered til (sesame seed) oil, shikhakai (typical shrub utilized for head bathroom) and also thaila chhakkai to prepare for the Pooja. Every one of them are needed to have an oil bath and put on 9 backyards of madi-saree prior to joining the procedures. A kuthu vilakku (5-faced lamp) is lit just before the Pooja is done, and after the event, the relative offer petitions to the departed souls. This routine is additionally taken into consideration a thanksgiving and group prarthanai (prayer) for the mother.

Benefits of the Sumangali Pooja

  • Invokes blessings of ancestral women
  • Brings about auspicious events in the family
  • Performed before any ceremony or function
  • Ensures longevity of husbands
  • Women pray for a blissful married life

Sumangali Poojan has great preference over Triveni Sangam in Prayagraj. Many women from different parts of India came Prayag after their marriage to conduct the poojan over Triveni Sangam. 

In fact, they perform a marriage here also, the poojan is conducted so that the married women get blessed by their ancestors women and live their happy married life.

Prayag Pandits provides the full arrangements of Sumangali Poojan in Prayagraj over Triveni Sangam. Get the best & knowlegable Tirth purohit to conduct the Sumangli Poojan. Prayag pandits has multi-lingual purohits who are able to speak Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannad and other regional language. For more info, contact us Now!

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