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Half opened entrance gate of Kashi death hostel (Kashi laabh mukti bhawan) in Varanasi

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Attain Moksh at Varanasi Death hostel

Kashi known as Varanasi is an ancient place and has its importance in the Vedas and other holy books in Hindu Mythology. The city is famous for its Ghats and the holy river Ganges. Religion and Spirituality are scattered everywhere in the city whether it is the Kashi Viswanath temple or whether the Evening Ganga Arti. The attraction in this city is due to the existence of Indian Culture followed by the people.

Why this city is important for Moksha?


It is a term defined as when a people reach God after his death. Their soul will become free from all the illusion which greed us in this life and it is said that we acquire sadgati “next stage of life”.

In Vedas, it is mentioned that every people living in Kashi is born with a boon that they acquire Moksha in their life as it is believed that Lord Shiva sing the Taran Mantra in the ears by which they acquire Moksha in their life after death.

For the people of Varanasi, it is possible to be in their homes in their last time. But, for the people outside the Varanasi, there is a hostel known as “Kashi Mukti Bhawan” built by the Dalmia family in the year 1956 where a person goes for and wait in a normal room for his death.

attain moksh at Varanasi
Attain moksh at Varanasi

Yes, it is true. The place exists in Varanasi. When a person gets old and has no hope of his life then he went to this hostel with their family members and will wait for his death.

Death is a natural phenomenon, it takes time to come or can come instantaneously. Here he recalls all his life, his ups and downs, his right and wrong, his offerings and cheatings and guide to their offsprings about the right path and to beware about the wrong one.

Here he feels about the whole life cycle, the greed this life has given too and how he falls into it. The hostel always has a chanting sound of the name of Lord Ram and Lord Vishnu. These songs are sung as it is believed that these names would recall God to come fast and take their life and let his body free from the soul.

Till now it is estimated that more than 14800 people have come to this hostel and lost their life due to natural death to acquire moksha from its inception.

The hostel is run by the trustees and is totally free for the people residing there. The hostel supervisor and staff help the people who came here for their last breathe and also help in cremation after their death too.

The Manikaran Ghat also known as the Burning Ghat become a witness from a body to ashes. The Ganga river takes those ashes to infinity after it has been poured by any one of the family members. And the soul becomes free, acquire sadgati and reach heaven where God resides.

Lord Shiva is said to have brought Goddess Adi Shakti, or Goddess Sati, to the Himalayas when she leapt into the flames and immolated herself. He was engulfed in interminable grief there.

Lord Vishnu was touched by his misery and unleashed his Divine Chakra (one of his weapons), which slashed Goddess Adi Shakti’s body into 51 pieces. Each of the places on Earth where her parts landed was designated as a Shakti Peeth. Because her earrings dropped at this ghat, it was designated as a Shakti Peeth and given the name Manikarnika, as Manikarna means earrings in Sanskrit.


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