Understanding Asthi Visarjan in 2024

A devotee performing asthi visarjan pooja

Asthi Visarjan, a profound ritual in Hindu culture, embodies a deep spiritual significance. It marks the final homage to a deceased person, completing their journey and aiding the soul’s transition to the afterlife. Let’s start with understanding asthi visarjan, its importance, and the process involved. The Significance of Asthi Visarjan Spiritual Closure for the Soul […]

Asthi Visarjan by Courier/Post

Online service of asthi visarjan via courier and live poojan by Prayag Pandits

How to perform Asthi Visarjan by Courier/Post? Asthi Visarjan is a last rite/ritual being performed by the Hindus, in order to provide salvation or moksha to the departed soul of their loved ones. The ashes of the dead ones are being immersed over the holy river the Ganges in order to provide salvation & the […]

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