Stepwise Guide to do Online Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi

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Performing Asthi Visarjan, the Hindu ritual of immersing the ashes of the deceased in a sacred river, is a vital part of the grieving and remembrance process. For those unable to travel to Varanasi, one of the holiest sites for this ritual, online Asthi Visarjan services offer a respectful and convenient alternative. This guide outlines the steps involved in conducting an online Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi, with a focus on the services provided by Prayag Pandits.

Here is a Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi-


Step 1: Preparing the Asthi Kalash


Preparing the Asthi Kalash-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi
Preparing the Asthi Kalash-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi


a. The first step involves preparing the Asthi Kalash, which is the vessel containing the ashes of the deceased. It is important to pack the Asthi Kalash carefully to ensure its integrity during transportation.

b. Select a Sturdy Container: Choose a strong, durable container that can securely hold the Asthi Kalash. This container should be able to withstand the rigors of transport without breaking.

c. Pack Tightly: Wrap the Asthi Kalash in a soft cloth, then place it inside the container. Fill any empty spaces with bubble wrap or similar padding material to prevent movement and potential damage.

d. Seal and Label: Once the Asthi Kalash is securely packed, seal the container. Label it clearly with the destination address in Varanasi, your return address, and any other necessary shipping information.


Step 2: Sending the Asthi Kalash to Varanasi


Sending the Asthi Kalash to Varanasi-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi
Sending the Asthi Kalash to Varanasi-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi


After packing the Asthi Kalash, the next step is to send it to Varanasi.

a. Choose a Reliable Courier Service: Select a reputable courier service known for handling religious or sensitive items with care. Discuss the nature of the shipment with them to ensure they understand its importance and handle it accordingly.

b. Ship the Package: Send the package to the address provided by the online Asthi Visarjan service provider, such as Prayag Pandits. Make sure to obtain a tracking number to monitor the shipment’s progress.


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Step 3: Conducting the Pooja


Conducting the Pooja-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi
Conducting the Pooja-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi


Upon receiving the Asthi Kalash in Varanasi, the service provider will arrange for a Pooja to be conducted by a Pratinidhi (representative) on behalf of the customer.

a. Selection of a Pratinidhi: The service provider, such as Prayag Pandits, will select a knowledgeable and experienced priest to perform the Asthi Visarjan Pooja. This Pratinidhi acts on behalf of the family, ensuring that all rituals are conducted according to Hindu traditions.

b. Performing the Pooja: The Pooja includes all necessary rituals, such as offering prayers, chanting mantras, and finally immersing the Asthi Kalash in the sacred waters of the Ganges. The entire process is done with the utmost respect and adherence to Vedic practices.


Step 4: Performing the Immersion into Ganga River


Performing the Immersion into Ganga River-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi
Performing the Immersion into Ganga River-Stepwise guide to do online asthi visarjan in varanasi


After the Asthi Poojan is done, the asthis along with all the pooja material is immersed into the Ganga river.


Step 5: Sharing the Recorded Videos

To ensure that the family can witness and be part of the ceremony, the service provider records the Pooja.

a. Recording the Ceremony: The Asthi Visarjan ceremony is fully documented through video recording, capturing all significant moments of the ritual.

b. Sharing with the Family: After the ceremony, the recorded videos are shared with the family. This allows them to witness the respectful handling and immersion of their loved one’s ashes, providing a sense of closure and peace.


Here is a video of the complete Online asthi visarjan in varanasi ceremony-




Online Asthi Visarjan services in Varanasi offer a dignified and accessible way for families to perform this essential Hindu ritual, even when they cannot be physically present. By following these steps and working with a reputable service provider like Prayag Pandits, families can ensure that their loved ones are honored according to tradition, allowing their souls to attain peace and liberation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it possible to perform Asthi Visarjan online?


A: Yes, it is entirely feasible to perform Asthi Visarjan online, especially for those who cannot physically be present in Varanasi due to various reasons. This digital age allows for the ritual to be conducted with great devotion and care, ensuring the soul’s journey towards Moksha or Vaikunth Dham.


Q2: How is the online Asthi Visarjan conducted?


A: Once the Asthi Kalash is received via courier, the online Asthi Visarjan service, such as Prayag Pandits, organizes the poojan at a predetermined time and date. The ceremony is conducted near the Ganga river, with a Pratinidhi representing the family. This representative provides the Pandit with the necessary details like gotra and name for the poojan. The entire process is recorded and shared with the family.


Q3: What is the process for sending the Asthi to Varanasi?


A: To send the Asthi to Varanasi, you should transfer the ashes into a Kalash and wrap the upper half with white cloth. Place the Kalash in a cardboard box, filling the gaps with shock-absorbing materials like thermocol pieces. Securely tape the box and send it through a reliable courier service. Guidance on packing is provided by the Prayag Pandits team.


Q4: How long does the Asthi Visarjan pooja take?


A: The Asthi Visarjan pooja typically takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is conducted in two parts: the poojan itself and the visarjan (immersion) in the Ganga river.


Q5: When should Asthi Visarjan be performed?


A: Asthi Visarjan timing varies across different castes and states. Generally, it is recommended to perform the ritual as soon as possible. According to holy texts, the Asthis should be collected and placed in a Kalash on the 3rd, 7th, or 9th day after death, and the Visarjan should be performed before the 10th day.


Q6: Can Asthi Visarjan be performed for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)?


A: Yes, online Asthi Visarjan services cater specifically to NRIs, providing a comprehensive end-to-end service. This includes shipping the remains to Varanasi, conducting the ritual in full Vedic tradition, and sharing documentation of the ceremony through technology, such as mobile apps, for the family residing outside of India.



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