Premature Death – Akal Mrityu

View of flames and remaining ashes during the cremation of a body
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Why did premature death happen?

Death, a stage of life. The soul captures the human body for a journey and leaves it to acquire Sadgati( the next stage of life). Death comes only after the life of that soul over the human body matures and we call this a natural death.

Premature Death, also known as Akaal Mrityu or the Uncertain death always comes with many sorrows for the departed soul and also for the family members and the animals & peoples in connection.

According to Hindu mythology, uncertain death is defined as the death that occurred through (accidents, suicide attempts, murder, any death due to pandemics (Covid-19), poison, snake bite, etc).

It is considered that the soul after this kind of death, doesn’t acquire the sadgati and gets trapped over the negative souls were the sorrows last.
After the death, there are only two paths for the soul Pret-yoni & Pitra-yoni, over which pitra-yoni is the only way to acquire moksha and through which the soul completes the life cycle of Poornajanam.

Pret-yoni is considered as where the negative energy and sorrows appear as a resistance for the soul to complete the life span.

Narayan Bali Pooja over Triveni Sangam for premature death

Problems the family members face after the Akaal Mrityu?

  • Problems in marriage
  • Health issues
  • Business problems
  • Personal issues
  • Relative issues

What are the solutions for Akaal Mrityu?

According to Hindu mythology, there is a way for the departed souls of premature death.

Narayan Bali Pooja & Tripindi Shraadh.

The above poojan is conducted over the banks of the holy river to offer Lord Narayan (Lord Vishnu) the offerings and to urge them to bless moksha to the departed soul and get the soul free from pret-yoni.

Tripindi Shraadh is conducted in the disguise of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu & Lord Mahesh to offer them the offerings and to seek the blessings for the departed soul.

The deaths that occurred due to the Corona-Virus pandemic is considered premature or uncertain death.

These rituals are must to performed according to Hindu mythology for the families of those who got deceased due to uncertain deaths, and we at conducts these rituals over the holy Teerth Sthals in India.

Generally, Gaya, Prayag & Kaashi is considered holy place to conduct these rituals.


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