Triveni Sangam- The Land of Moksha

There are innumerable places on earth which are considered holy and for the most number of times there is a story associated with it which makes the locus sacred in nature. We have a very fascinating story about Triveni Sangam too which makes it one of its kind.
Every day, every month, every year, lakhs and crores of people visit the holy place of Sangam and it is their beliefs which brings them to this place. You may get all you need to survive in this world very easily but still there is one more thing which you still strive to get it and that is called Inner peace.

In Hinduism, a lot of its segment is based on spiritualism and the entrapment of solace. To calm your mind, to bring peace in your life you need to move up towards places which have a great history of bringing tranquility in your life and that is the reason why Triveni Sangam is famous worldwide. There’s is a very prominent mythological story about Sangam. Once there was a fight between the demons (Rakshas) and the gods on earth. The fight was for a container of Amrit. Amrit is something which can make you undefeated. One will never die even by consuming a tiny droplet of it. So the fight was it it’s peak and while the struggle was ongoing, few droplets of Amrit fell at different places on earth.
One of those places was Sangam. Since then the water of Sangam is considered holy and it is believed that a dip in the holy water of Sangam will free you from the process of life and death and will make you move towards moksha.

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