The Sanskrit term stotra means "praise," "hymn of praise," "ode," and "eulogy," among other things.

Vrat Katha
(व्रत कथा)

Vrat Katha is a story recited during various Hindu festivals, primarily to understand the importance of the respective festival.


Arti is a Hindu religious worship ceremony, a component of puja, in which one or more deities are presented light.


A chalisa is a grouping of forty chaupaies. They are aimed towards regular people who love God but cannot memorise or grasp sanskrit hymns.


Stuti denotes eulogy, singing praise, poetic verse, and praising God's virtues, acts, and nature in our hearts.


A mantra is a sacred word, sound, or phrase uttered in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yoga. Mantra is derived from two Sanskrit roots: manas (thought) and tra (tool).

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