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Pind Daan in USA | Pind Daan Service for NRIs | 5 reasons to do Pind Daan

Pind daan in usa Pind Daan in Gaya

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Pind Daan – Introduction

Pind Daan in USA is a tough thing to do, as all the prominent places for Pind Daan are in India.

Pind Daan is the Hindu concept that the human spirit remains in this worldly realm after death. Just because of body loss (because of death) someone can’t get rid of this planet.


The pull of love, kindness, affection for his family, friends, family etc. and the affinity for the materialistic world prevent him from going towards the extreme and the end. As a consequence, man (without a body) suffers in a bodiless state. But he doesn’t want to do much.

Pind Daan in USA

You can’t or will not liberate yourself from this materialistic environment. The Hindu beliefs of ‘PINDA DAAN’ Give them an ultimate relaxation and open the road to the ultimate realm of peace. Pind Daan is seen as a compulsory rite that the departed spirits perceive to be salvation. All devoted Hindus have an obligation.

Why one should do Pind Daan?

The following are some of the reasons why pind daan is such an important ritual:


  • When family gift pind daan to souls who are still wandering on Earth after death, they find peace.


  • Pind daan gives those who have died a materialistic propensity and are finding it difficult to leave the planet and their loved ones a sense of freedom.


  • It is thought that after pind daan, souls are freed from the tormentors of hell, allowing them to reach Moksha.


  • Relatives of the deceased who offer pind daan receive the soul’s blessings, which are thought to have the greatest positive impact on one’s life.


  • Pind daan is a symbol of achievement, harmony, and wealth.

Pind Daan in USA

The soul is said to be trapped in a cycle of deaths and rebirths in the Hindu religion. When the soul has ultimately attained salvation, this will end. The living family must carry out sacred Hindu religious ceremonies for the deceased to aid the soul in this process towards ultimate freedom from the cycle.


The living family and descendants also experience stagnation and lack of growth if the soul does not advance through the evolutionary process towards salvation, much like the restless soul that has not yet transcended. Most of the blessings in the life of the living come from their ancestors. Because of this, the ancestors must live in harmony.

Pind Daan Poojan in Gaya | गया मे कराये पिंद दान । Pitrapaksha 2022

For all Hindus, it is vital to perform the funeral rites for a family member who has passed away. The sacred Hindu ritual of Pind Daan can be conducted in the designated venues in India for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living in the United States.


Even if they are unable to travel back to India themselves, there is a simple and convenient way for them to fulfil this Hindu religious requirement for their dearly departed. For Hindus living in the USA, we provide one-stop, dependable, practical, and competent Online Pind Daan services.


Traditional priests will carry out the Online Pind Daan ritual for you and your family in the designated locations in India for your dearly departed loved ones. We will manage every aspect of your Hindu religious ceremony. You may be sure that you and your family will promptly complete your religious obligations.


All of us at Prayag Pandits believe that paying respect to our ancestors is a must for all Hindus all around the world. We encourage people to have shradh poojan and pind daan poojan, this pitru paksha at the most prominent places in India like Gaya, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Badrinath, etc. You can check out our services by clicking here.


One can also book online pind daan and shradh poojan. Many people who are not able to come to India due to covid restrictions or personal reasons often book their poojan online. We conduct live poojan for them.


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